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Below is a small sample of some of the websites we’ve built. Over the years we’ve dozens of websites for small to medium size businesses and various organizations. We focus on a well built site, to be both functional and attractive.

We’ve also designed and built many online applications, allowing our clients to harness the power of the Internet to make the most of their time and resources.

website design Meridian, Idaho

Best Built Sheds

The Best Built Sheds site is a small but very effective website, that is built to be easy to read and use on a phone, tablet or a desktop computer. The simple, straightforward design is proving to be very effective in giving prospective customers a clear picture of the quality and integrity of this company and motivating them to contact the company.

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Education Leadership Group

When Dr. Sally Anderson approached us with a desire to bring her company's website up to date we encouraged her to have her site designed in a responsive, mobile-friendly way, since many of her clients are active tablet users. The design puts across the professional standards of her company and the high standard of quality they bring to their customers.

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We’ve been working with the California Landscape Contractors Association since 2004 and over the years we’ve redesigned their entire site twice and built them over a dozen online applications that make staying in touch and caring for association business with a membership spread all over a large state so much easier then before they started leveraging the power the Internet offers. You can find out more about projects for CLCA on our blog ».

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Lil' Dawg Amps

Jim Nickleson the owner of Lil Dawg Amps wanted to be able to make changes to his content and his price list so we set him up with a mobile-friendly site that he could easily update and we wrote him a program that he uses to manage his products and prices. It allows his to make all his changes, preview them and when ready, publish them to his site. Everything is kept in a database of our design.

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Idaho Residential Cleaning

The site for Idaho Residential Cleaning is a great example of a small site that still really benefits its owner. Their clients use the online booking tool to make appointments and these are automatically added to the company's work calendar. We also create and distribute super effective HTML email marketing campaigns for them.

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